If you’re reading this, you likely got one of our hand-written letters as we’re interested in making an offer to buy your house in East Cobb.

We’re the Cassandra Family! Joe and Sam with our four kids: Chloe (8), Theo (5), Lily (4) and Charlotte (2). 

We’re not looking to buy your house in East Cobb as an investment. It’s for our family home to live in until our kids graduate High School. 

Inventory is at record low levels. There just aren’t enough houses coming on the market. Some even get bought all-cash by people moving from out-of-state/investors.

Currently, we live in Woodstock. Not too far. But we’d like to be in East Cobb.

Why are we moving to East Cobb?

  • OUR CHURCH: It’s in East Cobb and we want to build a community and be involved but we live 30 minutes away so it’s tough to be active in it.
  • EAST COBB SCHOOLS: You have the best schools in the state. We want our kids to learn from the best teachers and at the top elementary, middle and high schools. Our kids are still young and we want them to make friends in elementary school they’ll know through graduation.
  • COMMUNITY: Everyone we’ve met from East Cobb says it’s an amazing place to raise a family, the people are friendly and you can make great friends.
  • CENTRAL LOCATION: It’s easier to get down to Atlanta/Buckhead and still close enough to major highways to get up north (as compared to Woodstock).


Joe & Sam: We’ve been married 11 years. Joe grew up in Cumming, GA. Sam in Tyler, TX. They met at Belmont Abbey College in Charlotte, NC and got married after graduation.

Joe owns a financial marketing agency for the last 7 years. He enjoys golf, poker, writing, and reading.

Sam is a stay-at-home mom who volunteers regularly at school. Recently, she just sold her children’s retail store in August. She enjoys reading, interior design, and party-planning.

Together, we love to travel, try new food spots, concerts (just saw Adele in Vegas), any sporting event, theater, game nights, & shooting hoops!

Chloe, Theo, Lily, & Charlotte:
Chloe loves cheerleading & gymnastics. Also is an avid reader!
Theo plays baseball and wants to play football next year. Big Spiderman fan!
Lily loves to dance and swim. The kindest soul you’ll meet.
Charlotte enjoys the park and playgrounds. Going through the terrible twos!



Inventory is at record low levels. We haven’t seen these low of levels in decades. 


Couple that with high interest rates (high relative to the last 10 years), many people are waiting to buy/sell when rates come back down. We don’t know when that will happen and we don’t want to wait and cross-fingers for that day. 

We took matters into our own hands. 

We also know that just because someone does not list their house, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to sell. 

We know (from moving 3x), putting a house up for sale is a major hassle. 

…dozens of showings you need to tidy up and leave the house for

…paying realtor fees

…neighbors snooping & judging

…you don’t know who you sell to because there are two realtors in the middle

…doing repairs only to be moving

…packing up every last thing

It’s a major hassle. 

We’d rather make it super easy for you to sell. 

On our end, we aren’t waiting around for a realtor to help us and pressuring us to buy a house as their interests aren’t ours. (they want their commission…and fast). 

We’ve bought many houses off-market and are confident we can do it ourselves. 

If we want to bring in a realtor to delegate some things to, we would pay them out of our pocket.


Here’s what you can expect from us:

Again, we’re not buying your house as an investment. We’re in a time of record-low inventory that we simply can’t twiddle our thumbs waiting when maybe you or someone else would be open to a low-stress way to sell. 

We’ve bought houses ‘off-market’ before. The process is fairly simple: 

  • You text/call my direct cell (770-823-3723) or fill out the contact form below
  • You and I can talk for a few minutes, set up a time for me to come look at the house
  • After meeting at your house, I’ll let you know if your house is one we could see our family living in (we have 4 kids and Joe works from home, so not every house will work for us. It doesn’t mean we think you have a “bad” house if your house isn’t for us!)
  • Within 48-72 hours, I’ll present you with an offer.
  • After we agree, I’ll send you a Docusign with a contract we’ve used many times in the past.
  • We’ll send to our closing attorneys who take care of title, etc.
  • I’ll work on securing the financing whether it’s through a standard mortgage or a different avenue. I’ll keep you in the loop 100% of the time.
  • We close on the day we both agree on. Could be in 45-60 days. Or a few months depending on when’s comfortable for you. 


  • No paying realtor commissions
  • No repairs required. We will likely get an inspection (maybe we won’t!), but you won’t be required to do ANY repairs. None.
  • No hasty rushing-out-of-the-house-but-keep-house-presentable showings. Our offer has nothing to do with how you decorate or if you have dirty dishes in the sink. We’ve bought houses off-market, we know the important parts of the house. 
  • We DO NOT care if your house is not updated. We are happy to update it after we’re moved in. We’re not looking for an “HGTV” home. We can make it our own. 
  • No cleaning out the house. Yes, if you want to leave that busted TV or you don’t feel like getting rid of all your furniture, just leave it. We’ll get rid of it for you.

The goal with sending you a letter is to give you the easiest way to sell your house without a realtor, but also without getting low-balled by an investor. 

And without one of those big “cash offer” companies swoops in, promises you a price, but then charges you a truckload of fees. That’s what they do. They’ll shake you down until the day before close. 


Again, if we tell you we’re not interested in making an offer, it’s not an insult to you or your home.

We may have just seen something that doesn’t work for us. 

  • For example, we looked at a house recently that was perfectly designed, amazing outdoor space, and fireplaces in multiple rooms… very cute.

However, we noticed the main living area wasn’t a good size/layout for our 4 kids. Unfortunately, we had to say no to the house. We wish we didn’t have to. 

Things we’re looking for: 

  • At least 4 bedrooms & 2.5 baths and 2,500 sq ft (minimum)
  • An outdoor space or yard in back
  • No galley kitchens
  • No drive-under garage

We’re open to many floor plan styles, age of house, character, etc. We can make any style work for us. 

The key will be layout so it works for our family.

Asked Questions

How did you get my name and address? 

All Cobb county real estate is public record. We drove through dozens of East Cobb neighborhoods and identified yours as a neighborhood we liked.  We have NOT taken any pictures of your house nor know who lives in your house or what it looks like.  We simply pulled public records. Many of your neighbors are getting this letter too.

Are you going to lowball me? 

It’s a valid question. No. We aren’t buying your house as an investment. We are paying market value for the house. 

We determine market value by looking at comparables including what updates need to be made and any major repairs that need to be done. 

I’m not looking to sell right now. How long are you looking to buy? 

We’re looking to move AT THE LATEST by Summer 2024. Hope is to be moved before then even if school is still in. So, we could go under contract and not close for 3-4 months. Every situation is different. 

We can be very flexible with your schedule.

Are you realtors trying to list my house? 

No, we aren’t licensed realtors or real estate agents. We have zero plans to list, flip, rent out, short-term rent, etc. your house. We plan to live in the house until our young kids graduate high school. (i.e. 16+ years).

How soon do you send an offer?

The steps before an offer are: 

1. We talk with you on the phone about your house

2. We walk through your house to determine if it fits our needs

3. We make an offer within 48-72 hours

If after a walkthrough, we determine to not move forward, we will let you know through email.

Are you pre-approved? 

Yes. We are pre-approved. We’ve only mailed letters to houses with valuations under our pre-approval. 

How much are you pre-approved for? 

We took public record valuations and only mailed houses that are valued below what we’re pre-approved for.

How much down payment are you putting down?

Goal is around 25-40% of the purchase price.

How long does it take to close if I sell? 

This won’t be a cash offer, so it won’t close in a week. We will be financing a normal mortgage. 

We are currently in the process of getting the mortgage approved. 

Meaning, pre-approval has been done. Now, the bank is going through a normal mortgage process. All they need is now an appraisal on your house to determine loan amount, etc. So, we believe it can close in as little as 2 weeks.  But allow up to 45-60 days. We won’t know until we get under contract as the amount of contract, value determine it.  Best to get under contract and quickly get an appraisal ordered. Then, we can go from there.

Have you bought a house without a realtor before? 

Yes, many times. We’ve bought houses as investments before. Some we bought by sending letters. Those were through an LLC. What we sent you was strictly for our personal use and will not be renting, flipping, etc. your house. Only living in it.

We are looking for a home we can live in for the next 16+ years as our kids graduate through High School.

How do I know this is legit? 

You can see the Purchase & Sale Agreement before we sign. Feel free to send it to your real estate attorney. 

Feel free to also Google our names. Our home address is on the outside of the envelope you received as well.  We are real people and a real family trying to move to the area we believe is best for our family.

Will you rent my house instead of buying it? 

We are not looking to rent. 

Will you do an inspection? 

Chances are we will. But, if a house is in great condition, we may waive it.

Will you do an appraisal? 

Yes, a bank requires an appraisal.

Are you going to re-trade and lowball me after doing an inspection? 

We normally don’t re-trade unless there’s major things we didn’t see when we walk through. Normal things like ‘carpet needs replacing’ are items we are responsible for picking up the first time.

If an inspector finds water leaks (that are undetectable by a walkthrough) or there’s major foundation repair in the crawlspace, that would be something we would need to discuss. 

What kind of repairs do I need to do? My house needs work. 

NO repairs. Your house is great exactly as it is. Obviously, houses already updated will garner higher offers. But, please, don’t try and update the kitchen then reach out. 

We’ve done work on many houses. We have a team that can do repairs, update the house, fix major issues etc.

Will you lowball me if I have a lot of repairs needed? 

Of course not. We’re not looking for an investment property. If we find major issues (say, the HVAC is past useful life or there’s water leaking in the basement), we will bring it up to you and likely need to offer lower. 

 I don’t need to sell, but I know someone in East Cobb who would!
We’re happy to offer a referral fee for a lead we haven’t reached out to yet. We are happy to meet with them! The referral fee would be paid if we buy their house.
I don’t know where I’m moving yet! Interest rates are too high to buy elsewhere!
You’re right. That’s why we’re looking for a home off-market :). Rents are starting to come down and rental inventory is going up. There are opportunities to find a rental easier than 2022.
We’re happy to be flexible with you as you look to move! Again, our latest is moving by Summer 2024.
I have a short-term rental I’m interested in selling.
Sounds great. Any ‘unique’ fixtures in your house, feel free to leave them. We will decide whether to keep or take out. Dibs on the hot tub if you got it!
My house currently has a tenant.
That’s okay. If you have a lease, we will look through it. If it’s a month-to-month lease, we would need you to provide the tenant ample notice to vacate. We can work through these situations. Georgia is a landlord friendly state.
My home has a pool, is that okay?
Sure. We are fine if the house has a pool or doesn’t.
My home is on a golf course, is that okay?
Sure, sounds fun!
My home only has 3 bedrooms but there’s a spare room in the basement that could be a 4th bedroom.
We prefer 4 bedrooms, but if you’re unsure, fill out the form below or call/text 770-823-3723 and we can chat.
There’s no obligation or pressure to do anything.
Do you need to sell your house before you buy mine?
No. We own our current house. We may rent it out, we may sell it. It’ll depend on the house we buy and how much cash we’ll need to put down.
My house is in pre-foreclosure.
We’d need to move fast to talk with the bank about catching up your payments to avoid foreclosure and move forward with the sale. Reach out today.
Would you do any sort of seller-financing or loan assumption?
Of course. We’ve done seller financing and assumed loans before. Loan assumption is only applicable for certain loans.
Seller financing we’re open to short duration terms such as 48-60 month payoffs.
I’m interested in listing my house.
We can’t do that for you, but we’ve worked with a select few realtors that we could refer to you.
How do I get removed from this mailing list?
Send me an email below in the contact form. I’ll take your name off.
I’m unsure if my house meets your criteria.
That’s okay! Fill out the form below or call/text 770-823-3723. A quick conversation can answer everything. You may only have 3 bedrooms, but the house is perfect for us and we could add an addition that’d be a 4th bedroom.
If unsure, reach out!

Next Steps?

You have two options: 

  • Fill out the form below. I’ll reach back out in 24 hours (or less). 


  • Call/text my (Joe) cell number 770-823-3723. We can set up a time to chat.

Excited to start this process with you. 

Thank you for supporting our family’s move!

Interested? Let us know what you think!


We are looking to move by Summer 24 at the latest. But are flexible when we move. Don't wait to reach out for a few months as we may already be under contract with someone/sold. Even if you receive a letter in 2023, but can't sell until 2024, reach out still.